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The teaching of fractions from Key Stage One has a much greater emphasis in the new National Curriculum. At Swanage Primary we believe that the best approach is to always start with practical apparatus before moving onto pictorial representations and abstract written notation. It is essential that children understand what is happening when they add, subtract, multiply and divide with fractions and are not simply taught a written method. For this reason we use a wide range of equipment and every day materials.

We use playdough to demonstrate fractions as division and equivalence, then for adding with unlike denominators

Fractions need to be represented in lots of different ways for deep understanding (click on photos to enlarge)

pattern blocks
equivalence with pattern blocks
Understanding different representations
improper fractions (larger than a whole)
essential for calculating with unlile denominators
same size pieces can represent different fractions
using numicon to explore fractions
representing fractions with numicon
understanding the relative size of fractions
linking to division and multiplication
fractions of numbers
lego fractions
relating fractions of shape to number
exploring addition and subtraction
from concrete to pictorial

Fractions - what is taught when?