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Alan Peat Exciting Sentences

Throughout the school we are using a system for teaching writing developed by the educational specialist Alan Peat. We teach children how to use particular types of sentences, which have a handy name, so that children understand what is meant whichever class they are in in the school. The sentence types are designed to help children to write exciting, sophisticated pieces of writing that use the right tone for their purpose. Some sentence types are more appropriate to non-fiction, and others, to fiction writing. See below for examples.....

A some; others sentence works well for presenting a

balanced argument, or in a persuasive text.

Some people believe that children should do homework;

others feel it is not beneficial to their learning.

Some people not mind noisy jet skis at the beach; others

would much prefer a quieter outing to the seaside.


An ___ed opener sentence works well to

add excitement to story writing....

Terrified, Jack crept cautiously through the kitchen, towards the sleeping giant.

Exhausted, the two travellers collapsed on the rocky shore, with no thought other than survival.




At Swanage Primary we have agreed sentence types to teach in each year of the school

Please click on the link to our progression document below...

Alan Peat Sentences by Year group at Swanage Primary