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ASPIRE - our growth mindset

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We believe we can!

At Swanage Primary School we believe that there are people in life that have certain skills that have enabled them to succeed, and achieve their goals and beyond. We recognise that these skills are attributes that we want to develop in our children in order for them to become robust, determined, aspiring learners, not only here at Swanage Primary, but in their adult life beyond our school.


Developing Positive Learning Behaviours across our whole school -

At Swanage Primary, we believe that all children have the ability to continually develop their learning and achieve their best. We aim to empower your child to become well-rounded individuals, who are keen and motivated to try their best, strive for success and who have an awareness of their responsibilities in school and home life. We recognise children and adults who are able to thrive in their learning and therefore achievements, have a certain type of mind-set, a ‘growth mind-set’. We believe that with the right focus, we can grow our brain's capacity to learn and to solve problems, as opposed to a having a fixed mind-set, where limitations lie and there is a ceiling to what can be achieved.


Therefore, we have developed a Growth mind-set culture throughout our whole school and have identified 6 key skills that children need to develop to in order to achieve their best both at school and beyond. These skills enable children to work through new ideas and problems, cope with the challenge and adversity they face, reflect and adapt to learn from their experience and they demonstrate an eagerness, intrinsic motivation to do their best and more.


Our growth mindset is known as  Aspire


Each letter represents a key skill




Self- motivation











We have created a common but developmental language that enables children to develop these skills from Reception to Year 6.


Watch this space to see how our skills develop, as out youngest children have characters to help them associate with these skills! Images to come.



Children learn about the journey of learning - how it can be challenging, mistakes are steps towards success and that the best learning can often be the toughest- this is known as being in the 'learning pit’. Children are taught about strategies and skills that will enable them to climb out of the pit and lead them to successful learning.


Come and look in our classrooms and see our Learning pits and Aspire work! We all need ASPIRE, so we can do it!