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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Headteacher: Mrs S Hill
Picture 2 Deputy Head & Y5 Class Teacher: Mrs Nwabueze
Picture 3 Deputy Head & Y2 Class Teacher: Miss Etherington
Picture 4 YR Class Teacher: Mrs Hill
Picture 5 Y1 Class Teacher: Miss Ewan
Picture 6 Y2 Class Teacher: Miss Rowe (Mat leave)
Picture 7 Y3 Class Teacher: Ms Halford (Mat leave)
Picture 8 Y3 Class Teacher: Mrs Webster
Picture 9 Y4 Class Teacher: Miss Lailey
Picture 10 Y6 Class Teacher: Mr Hatchard
Picture 11 KS2 Teaching Assistant/Intervention: Mrs Lowe
Picture 12 KS2 Teaching Assistant/Intervention: Mrs White
Picture 13 Supply Teacher: Mrs Jones
Picture 14 YR Teaching Assistant: Mrs Croucher
Picture 15 Y1 Teaching Assistant & ELSA: Mrs Hickman
Picture 16 Y2 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Smith
Picture 17 KS2 Teaching Assistant & ELSA: Ms King
Picture 18 1- to- 1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Moremon
Picture 19 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Russell
Picture 20 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Miss Samuel
Picture 21 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Eastcott-Jones
Picture 22 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Lloyd
Picture 23 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Miss Yates
Picture 24 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Ms Colquhoun
Picture 25 1-to-1 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Strong
Picture 26 Finance/Admin Officer: Mrs J Watson
Picture 27 Admin Officer: Mrs Dominy
Picture 28 Lunchtime Supervisor & Crossing Patrol: Mrs Smith
Picture 29 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Stearn
Picture 30 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs O`Connell
Picture 31 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Diffey
Picture 32 Lunchtime Supervisor: MIss Dodd
Picture 33 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs King
Picture 34 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Frost
Picture 35 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Burridge
Picture 36 Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Prince
Picture 37 Lunchtime Supervisor: Mrs Parker
Picture 38 Lunchtime Supervisor: Miss Taylor