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House Teams

Our House Teams

We have four exciting house teams: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In recent years we had Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Votes were held earlier this year, students and parents both had the chance to decide. Together we chose the elements.

      Annually, we elect new house captains. A boy and a girl are chosen for every house team.


Air Team House Captains:

Blossom and Josh 


Earth Team House Captains:

Ava and Lola


Fire Team House Captains:

Louis and Pollen


Water Team House Captains:

Aydan and Emma

The House Captains have extra responsibilities such as take parents around the school for tours, be seen around the school as positive role models, help with organising house team events and leading their team to victory!


This year House Captains have begun to meet Mrs Hill, the Headteacher, to give feedback about different aspects of school life. Discussions about how things could be improved enable actions to be generated. Have a look at our Equipment Monitor page to see how effective our first few meetings have been!