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Welcome to Swanage Primary School!

Dear families and visitors

It is with great warmth that I welcome you to Swanage Primary. I am very proud to be part of a vibrant, happy and caring school where children are clearly at the centre of everything we do. Swanage Primary is situated in the heart of the Swanage community; the school has been serving the Swanage community since 1897, a date worn proudly by the children on their uniform.

The school has a longstanding good reputation, being supported by engaged parents and people who value the school highly. Swanage Primary is a school where everyone is made welcome, is listened to and is treated with respect and consideration. Our children are encouraged to learn, grow and be the very best they can be in everything we do. Our staff have high expectations for all children and value that every child is unique. Swanage Primary is a very caring school where aspirations are nurtured and children are encouraged to look beyond their horizon.

Like you, we know that childhood is a precious time in its own right as well as a preparation for the future. We want your child’s time at Swanage Primary to be made up of valuable and enjoyable learning experiences that provide them with many fond memories as they move onwards. Our school is a fantastic place to learn, play and work, with its beautiful grounds and surroundings. I am proud to be the leader of an exceptional team which has your child’s best interests at heart. Please come and visit to see our creative, aspirational and caring school. We would love to meet you.

Kind regards

Susannah Hill Headteacher