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Welcome to Year 4 or Manta Ray Class!



Welcome to Year 4!

Here you can find out important information about the class and what we are up to at the moment!



Our Summer Term Topic: Roman Invasion!
Last term, we learned all about prehistoric Britain, finishing up with life in the Iron Age. Now we know all about the Celts, we can start to explore what happened next in history as we move on to our new topic, 'Roman Invasion!' Where is Rome? What was it like in Ancient Rome and who were the Romans? How and why did the Romans invade Britain? What was it like for Britain, being part of the Roman Empire (it wasn't all bad!)? What was it like in Roman Britain? What were Roman towns like and why was the Roman army so successful? How did the Romans influence Britain and are there any signs of their invasion still evident today? We will aim to answer all this and more during our final, action-packed term in Year 4 so hold onto your hats (or maybe I should say helmets!) and get ready to start learning!

Home Learning


Hello Manta Rays!


I know everything feels very strange at present, working at home and not meeting up with your school friends, but we hope you are all keeping safe and well!


Hopefully, you are starting to settle into your home learning and become accustomed to a new routine! Every week, I will post a suggested learning plan and associated resources on Class Dojo for you to refer to so you should be able to access those. However, I will also aim to post the same materials on here as a back-up. If your child has 1:1 support in class or has various small-group interventions in place to support their learning, the TA responsible for this will have been in touch with some ideas on how to keep this going at home. Class Dojo will also be the school's main means of communicating with parents and, of course, for you to get in touch with us. Do please message me on there if you need any help with your learning, are ready for a piece of work to be 'marked' or just to show us what you've been up to! We love seeing photos of what you've been doing, whether you're working in your home school 'classroom', helping out round the home or out for some fresh air and exercise!


Please remember that we are not expecting everyone to complete everything on the learning plan each week, as we've intentionally packed lots in to give you plenty of variety and choice! Work at a pace that suits you and your child and try to do a good balance of practical/ creative activities, online learning and written work to keep it interesting. Do of course allow time for home workouts (such as Joe Wicks), time in the garden or a trip out the house for a walk or run round too, and plenty of 'down time'!


Good luck, stay in touch and let us know if we can be of any help at all.


Take care, stay safe and see you soon.


The Manta Ray Class team 

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12 pieces of pasta = 1 whole
1/2 of 12 = 6
1/4 of 12 = 3
1/3 of 12 = 4

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Below is the suggested home learning plan for this week and the associated resources. I have also posted this on Class Dojo.

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Here is this week's suggested plan of learning, along with some resources and examples to help you.

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