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Year 2 - Seahorses


Welcome to Seahorse Class! 


Spring Term 2:  Tiger! Tiger!   (Exploring India)

Parent Topic Plan - Tiger Tiger

Spring Term Home Learning



We are very excited about the Autumn term's topics. We are starting by learning all about the Great Fire of London. We will be finding out how it started, what effect it had upon the lives of people in 1666, and how London changed as a result. 

We will be doing drama work to re-enact the days of the fire, art work based around the timbered houses of the time, and becoming history detectives through maps and pictures. We will also become bakers, cooking our own recipes, like Thomas Farynor of Pudding Lane.


Summer Term 2020 Home Learning

Hello Seahorses,

We hope you are well and are staying safe and happy. Now you have had a chance to settle into home learning, but it may take a little time to get back into it after the holiday, and you may need some extra help with your work. On the pages below, you will find useful websites, and resources which will help you. I will mostly be posting links and activities via DoJo, but you will also be able to find most here, in case you are unable to access DoJo at any point. 

I will be building up subject resources, in addition to the ones that will help you with this week's work. Keep checking back as I build this page.

Please remember that home learning cannot, and should not, be exactly like school-at-home. It's good to get into a routine with your learning, but please make time to do some lovely activities with your family too. We have loved seeing pictures of you baking, planting, making, painting and lot of other hobbies - so do keep on sending these. Maybe you will discover some new hobbies during this time!

It is really, really important to keep on reading. Pester your parents for stories, and remember to read your home and school story books too. Remember the Oxford Owl e-books we sent a link to, in addition to Audible audio books. Curl up somewhere comfy with a book or listening to a story - that it literally one of the very best things you can do right now! 


Take care, stay safe and see you soon.

The Seahorse Class team  x


Summer Term 2 home learning
Summer term 1 home learning
We have been using charcoal and chalk to sketch timbered houses from the time of the Great Fire. Here are our pictures in process....

We've been learning about place value in maths. We have been representing numbers in different ways with practical equipment, and have been playing matching and bingo games.

The Big Bad Wolf

Welcome to the Seahorse class page. The children have settled in brilliantly to Year 2 and are enjoying learning together. This term our topic is The Big Bad Wolf.

We have been acting out and retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood, and making up our own versions. The naughty Mr Wolf has been visiting our classroom, stealing lunches and leaving us letters. We have baked him cookies and written recipes for him, as well as sending him postcards. We're keeping a close watch out for him though and have made some charcoal sketches to help you spot him - he looks like this!

Wolf Charcoal and Chalk sketches

We have been having fun retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood with pictures and text. 

We wrote descriptions of the wolf from images and video. We learned to tell the story of LRRH using Talk for Writing actions, and have written our own versions. Look out for Granny floating down the river on a log, and the poor wolf tied to a skateboard! 

Telling the story of Little Red....

Welcome to the Year 2 class page. We are proud of our wonderful class and love working and playing together. This half term we are learning about India with our new topic.....

Tiger Tiger!

We are finding out all about out the geography, food, culture and wildlife of India. We will be researching and writing about tigers, and learning all about Indian art. We will be cooking up an Indian feast, and finding out how animals around the globe are adapted to their surroundings. We will acting out Indian stories and making up our own. It's going to be an exciting half term!

Fun fractions.... we have been using all sorts of different things to investigate fractions practically. We cut and labelled tortillas and found equivalent fractions with them.

Shape skeletons.

We have been learning to name, sort and describe 2D and 3D shapes. We predicted how many sticks (edges) and balls of blutac (vertices) it would take to make these 3D shape skeletons. We persevered to make them, working with a partner - it was a bit fiddly, but we got there!

Our chilly January topic is..... Let it Snow!

We are learning about the Arctic and Antarctic regions. We have found out all about polar bears - their unique features, how they hunt, and all about polar bear babies.

Look at our charcoal and chalk polar bear portraits

here we are making our super polar pictures.....

Polar Bear reports - we've worked so hard on writing these super reports, packed with information about polar bears.

Polar Silhouette Paintings

Arctic animal imagery poems - look at our wonderful poems.

Fantastic Fairytale Puppets. We've worked so hard to design, sew and decorate our puppets, and are ready for some storymaking with them!

Year 2 and 5 visit Safewise.

We learned so much about keeping safe on our Safewise visit! We found out more about staying safe online, about road safety, stranger danger and keeping safe at the park. We also learned what to do if there is a fire, how to make a 999 call, and how to stay safe at the beach. Thank you very much to all the Safewise staff for such a fantastic visit.

We had some special visitors today!

Following on from our Great Fire topic, we were lucky enough to have a visit from the Fire Service today. We got to explore the fire truck, try on the equipment and spray the hose to pretend to fight a Great Fire! 

We had a fabulous time! Thank you to the Swanage firefighters for visiting us. 

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 are learning about the Great Fire of London this half term. We are acting out scenes from the story, and being history detectives to find out more about the causes of the fire, how it spread, and what happened to London afterwards. We will be presenting plans to the King for rebuilding London, to protect the city from fire. In art we will be using charcoal and chalk to sketch Jacobean timbered houses, and collage materials in groups to make a Pudding Lane street scene.

Through science, we are learning about healthy eating and living, and investigating the effects of exercise on our bodies. We are also investigating the properties of materials - testing which would make waterproof shelters for people who have lost their houses in the fire, and the best boat shape to take heavy weights 'across the Thames'! 


Look at our charcoal and chalk sketches of houses in Pudding Lane

Fire in Pudding Lane: Look at our Crafty Collage.

Weblinks to help you find out more......

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

It's been getting very Tiger-ey around Year 2! We have enjoyed reading the Tiger Who Came to Tea, and re-telling the story with actions. The tiger visited our classroom, and wrote to us asking us to make him some snacks, so we read / wrote instructions and made him some sandwiches. Guess what? He didn't just eat one sandwich... he ate all the sandwiches on the plate.

We are now writing stories about what the Tiger would get up to if he visited our school.

We have also painted these super pictures... have a look and see which mark-making techniques we used for the details.

Here we are re telling the story. We used story maps to help us remember. 

Funny Bones!

We have been learning all about our bodies and have had fun exploring skeletons! We have been finding out about the bones we have in our bodies, their names and some of the jobs they do.