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Week 6 Week beginning 8.2.21

Home Learning plan this week

Just 4 days, Seahorses...... you can do this! Can't wait to see what you get up to......

English: Writing

This week, we are going to be learning about riddles - reading and listening to some riddles, and having a go to write our own. You could do this about a polar animal.

Please use Miss E's teaching video and the resources below to help you with this. Look out for the video on Dojo.

1) Read a variety of animal riddles on the Powerpoints below.

2) Watch Miss E’s video lesson about how to plan and write a riddle.

3) Do the ‘cut and stick’ sheet, ordering clues from hard to easy – to keep your reader guessing….

4) Make your ‘spidagram’ of information about your chosen animal.

5)  Choose what order to write the clues in – ‘wider’ clues first (choose clues that have lots of answers)

6) Write your riddle and test it out on friends and family in your house or on the phone.

7) Draw your animal on a ‘flap’ underneath your writing


The Polar Bear Son.

For this activity, you need to listen to Miss E's story video of this book. Complete the multiple-choice questions on the sheet as you listen, and then the two written answers at the end. I've included a Word doc as well as a PDF in case you would like to complete it on the computer.

Maths: Statistics

This week you are continuing to learn about pictograms for the first 3 days, then it is block diagrams. Monday's lesson doesnt have a worksheet as the video takes you though an activity. 



Fancy a challenge?

Below are some reasoning and problem solving tasks and also some 'Flashbacks' which go over previous learning. 


Compare Habitats

This week you will learn a bit more about habitats. Have a look at the following link to find out a bit more about Polar Habitats, Ocean Habitats, Rainforest Habitats and Woodland Habitats. Each habitat is special as the animals and plants within it help each other to survive. Choose 2 habitats and find out a bit more about them using the internet. Use the Compare Habitats Sheet to compare them. Draw a picture of the 2 habitats and draw and label the plants and animals you might find there. Can you explain how they survive in their environments?

Topic - Inuit Culture

This is continued from last week, so please go to Week 5 to find links and work to complete. 

ART- Inuit Art

This is also continued from last week. Please look at week 5 to find the links. 


Friday 12th February

On Friday, we would like you to spend some time to look after yourselves and your family. Please see the letter and documents below. The day will kick off with a special assembly from Mr Godfrey. We’d love to see how you decide to express yourself on this day! The second document here is a big well-being booklet. We will put a couple of selected pages from this in the printed learning packs, but you may like to look at some of the other lovely ideas in here over half term - no need to print though!


Follow the link below to login to Espresso coding using Username: student10887 password: swanage

Go to Level 2.  Have a go at the next fun lesson.