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Week 5 Week beginning 1.2.21

Home learning plan for this week

There are activities for each day below. There are no worksheets for Monday and Wednesday as the video will take you through an activity instead. 

Fancy a challenge? There is a PowerPoint of 'Reasoning and Problem Solving' as well as a daily 'Flashbacks' one, which goes over previous learning. These 2 PowerPoints should last you for 2 weeks. 

English - Writing


This week, you are using your story-mountain planners (from last Friday's learning) to help you write your own Helper Story. Don't forget to use the story mountain to help you remember which sentences to write next in your story. You can write your story over 2 days (Monday and Tuesday). Please use Miss E's teaching video (on Dojo) to help you with this.


On Wednesday to Friday, we are going to be learning about riddles - reading and listening to some riddles, and having a go to write our own. You could do this about a polar animal. Please use Miss E's teaching video and the resources below to help you with this.

English - Reading


There are two activities to choose from here - or do both if you're keen.....

1) A short video and then questions about the Arctic Fox.

2) Choose a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star comprehension about the Inuit.


This week and next, we are finding out about how the Inuit live. There is a PowerPoint, some simple info to read, and some short videos to watch. Afterwards, there is a simple worksheet to complete. You can spread these activities over the two weeks.


You have learnt so much about polar bears and now we are going to find out what all animals need to survive. Watch the following lesson from BBC Biteize, look at the PowerPoint and complete the activity sheets. 

Science: Fun activity (optional extra)

For this activity you will need some lard, some icy water and the willingness to get a bit messy. You will investigate how a layer of fat keeps a polar bear warm. We'd love to see some pictures of you trying this one out. 


This week we are exploring Inuit traditional Art. There are a couple of videos to watch, and a tutorial to follow to create your own Inuit Art. Have fun! 

Religious Education

Rules and Routines: The 5 Ks (Sikhism)

This week you will be learning about The Five Ks. Look at the PowerPoint, and watch the clip and complete the activity sheet.


Follow the link to login to Espresso coding using Username: student10887 password: swanage

Go to Level 2.  Have a go at the next fun lesson.


PSHE: Children's mental health week

The theme of this year's ‘Children’s Mental Health Week’ is Express Yourself. Look at the document below some ideas for how to do this in different ways. We’d love to see some film or photos of what you do for this.


Have a go at these activities. A couple of new Winter Hunt walks, and Cosmic Kids Yoga - polar bear session.