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Week 4 Week beginning 25.1.21

Home learning plan for this week

English:  The Elves and the Shoemaker

Please work through this booklet according to the timetable on your weekly plan. We will be planning our own stories at the end of this week and writing them at the start of next week. You can listen to another version of the story on the link below......

Reading Comprehension Activities - pick a 1 star, 2 star or 3 star challenge.
BBC Bitesize Book Club reading lesson - Cake

Maths Worksheets and Link to Videos

Remember to watch the videos to help you, before attempting the worksheets.

Practise your times tables with these Super-movers songs


Investigating materials: Strong and Waterproof?

Look at pages 15 and 16 in your Elves and the Shoemaker Booklet. It tells you about this week’s investigation. You need to help the Weather Elf to find which material is the best for making an umbrella from. You will need to think out how you will investigate this. You can use page 16 to help you write up your investigation.


Make your own frost

As a fun activity, have a go at making your own frost. You will need a tin can and a few other bits and bobs you should be able to find at home. Follow the activity below. Make sure you look at the question card too. This will help you think more deeply about your activity.


Topic / Geography

Geography: Comparing the polar regions.

Last week you were learning about polar bears in English. These animals live in the Arctic in the North. This week we would like you to compare the North and South polar regions. You will learn about Antarctica and a bit more about The Arctic. Below, there are links to a BBC Bitesize lesson and a video to learn about Antarctica. There is PowerPoint to look at too. Finally, there is a very fun song to listen to. Once you done all that learning, you can make your own poster.


Arctic Silhouette Painting / Collage.

Have fun following the steps to make your own beautiful backdrop of the Northern lights, then add silhouettes to make a spectacular Arctic scene. See the link below for the activity steps, and the document for silhouette polar animals.


A Winter walk scavenger hunt for your walks this week, and some Arctic Yoga poses to try out to Winter meditation music and visuals. Stay well and happy, everyone.

Religious Education

Rules and Routines: The 5 pillars of Islam

This week you will learn about the 5 Pillars of Islam which are 5 duties many Muslims carry out to live their lives in a good and responsible way. There is a PowerPoint to look at and a video to watch on BBC teach. There is also a worksheet to complete.


Dreams and Goals: Short term goal

This week we would like you to think about a short term goal. This is something you can achieve quite quickly, but takes some effort. A few examples of these might be… to complete a section of IXL or to score 20 or more 5 times in a row on Hit the Button. You might want to make it a PE challenge such as running a race in a certain time, or  doing the whole of a Joe Wicks workout without sitting down. Discuss with a grown up when you can try and achieve your goal. Write a sentence to explain what you have done and upload a photo what you have done to your portfolio. I will try and get some certificates for those people who manage to reach their goal!