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Week 2 Week beginning 11.1.21

Home Learning Plan for this week

Maths - multiplication and times tables continued

Please use the link below to access the teaching videos, then do the corresponding worksheets for each day.

Maths challenge

Have a go at the some of the challenges on the following reasoning PowerPoint. 

Also, complete one 'Flashback' slide per day to go over concepts you have learnt before. 


Don't forget you are just doing research and taking notes this week - not writing up your report into full sentences. Use these resources to help you find out more


Click through to watch some lively lessons on writing information texts. There is one short lesson per day. 


These are quick reading tasks, maybe tackle one per day of these, and don't forget to do 15 minutes quiet reading of your reading books too :)

Daily Phonics

Watch and join in with these phonics lessons. We will let you know which set of sounds to choose. 


Have fun with this investigation to 'stop the melt'!


Here are some resources to help you with either the balloon globe or the wildlife map activity. Have fun!


PowerPoint and optional worksheet to complete about the 10 commandments


Art - charcoal and chalk trees

follow the instructions on your plan for this. Below is a YouTube tutorial on drawing a winter tree for you to follow if you like, too


Dreams and Goals: What I achieved in 2020

This week we would like you to design a ‘Things I am proud of from 2020’ poster. Use the template on here or design your own.