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week 2 w/b 8.6.20

Home learning plan this week

Reading Tasks this week

Writing task - if you have finished the 'Rainbows' booklet - or if you prefer this to it!


1) Please read the story starter.

2) Before you continue the story, please look at the 'sick sentence' and improve it. Please send this to me in a picture.

3) DO NOT do the sentence challenge task - (we don't look at 'articles' in KS1).

4) Look at the 'Question Time' section and answer these - you don't have to write your answers, but you can do if you want. Talk about these with a grown-up (cats and dogs don't challenge your answers! ;) ).

5) Look back at the story starter.Write 6 well-planned, brilliant sentences to continue the story - choose the best sentence starters, vocabulary and try to use those pesky conjunctions. Remember - best handwriting please - no messy felt-tip writing!

Make me dance on the tables because you've made me so happy! 

Well done everyone. Look forward to seeing what you send. 

Topic: Extinction of the Dinosaurs