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Week 2: 1.3.21

Home Learning plan this week

World Book Day - reading challenges.

Try out one or more of these fun reading challenges, and don't forget to send us pictures on Dojo.


This week, you are carrying on with your Alfie's Star booklet. You are planning and writing your own star story.

Please use the sentence starter word mat to give you ideas for how to start sentences in different ways when you write your story. Look out for a story writing video too.  Thank you.


Here are your maths resources and video links for this week.

Challenge materials

English - Reading

Read the information and answer the questions about elephants. 

Choose a one, two or three star challenge. 


Learning about the celebration of Diwali.

Diwali is the biggest celebration in the year for Hindu Indians, and is also celebrated by many other faiths. It’s an amazingly colourful festival. 

1) Watch the video to find out all about the exciting festival of Diwali

2) Have a look at the Powerpoint to find out more about the celebration – ask your grown-up for help with the reading if you need it.

3) Complete the Diwali question sheet below / in your pack.

Science: Tigers

Continue with your work on tigers from last week. Please look at last week's webpage for all the links and resources.

You must be a tiger expert by now!


Milk bottle elephants: Continue to make your milk bottle elephants. If you haven't started yet, please look at last week's webpage for the step-by-step guide.

Don't forget: Collect a pack of decorations from school to help make it look extra special!



Tiger Drawing Tutorial: Follow the link below to draw your own fun cartoon tiger!

Cosmic Yoga