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Week 1: 22.2.21

Home learning Plan
English - Writing
Some fun shape songs to get moving to....

Maths Flashback learning for this block

Maths problem solving shape challenges

English - reading

Have a go at reading the information and answering the questions. Choose a one, two or three star challenge. 

Science - animal adaptations - tigers (this week and next week)

This week we would like you to learn all about tigers. Follow the links below to learn all about tigers. Once you are tiger experts, create a fascinating fact file, all about tigers. You can use the template on our website or make your own. 


Introduction to India

This week we would like you to find out where India is in the world and some facts about it. Have a look at the PowerPoint below and watch the video. I wonder what other facts you can find out. Either complete the fact file below, or  make your own, with some pictures and information.

Art / Craft

For this activity, have a look at the 'you will need' list, and make sure you have a clean, empty 2 litre plastic milk bottle carton - although you can make a cute elephant family with 2pt, 4pt and 6pt bottles! Follow the steps on the internet tutorial.

You can cover your elephant with papier mache newspaper or magazine pictures, or paint. Then decorate your elephant with anything sparkly you have to hand! If you have an old bit of sparkly fabric, or jewellery that isn't wanted any more, this can all make your elephant more special. Maybe you could find feathers to stick on as a head-dress, or, just make a colourful paper 'blanket' for your elephant's back. Whatever you do, have fun with this one! 


Here are some hunts and spotter sheets while you are out and about on your walks. Micah spotted some great animal tracks before half term, so I have included a spotter sheet for this. Spring is slowly creeping in, so be a 'Season detective' and spot the signs of the seasons changing. Also, the birds will thank you if you get a chance to make this bird feeder, and have somewhere to hang it. And don't forget a spot of yoga - this time Funny Monkey yoga.  Have fun with these......