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Rights Respecting

Our Rights Respecting Reps!

Our Rights Respecting representatives are voted in by their class and we meet weekly to work on various projects and discuss important issues.

Black History Month 2018


We researched the significance of this event, along with some of the people who been have fought for the right for everyone to be treated respectfully and fairly in life, regardless of the colour of their skin. We presented an assembly on this important issue (for which you can see our PowerPoint below) and created a display in school.

Rights Respecting assembly

Here are some examples of our previous projects

Our Anti-bullying Tree

Say no to bullying

During November, we had anti-bullying week and did a whole morning led by the Rights-Respecting ambassadors, including: drama scenarios, fun posters, and learning who to talk to if you are being bullied.

There are four different types of bullying which are the following:

Cyber bullying: which is online

Physical bullying:  which involves violence

Social bullying: which is leaving people out of games

Name calling: it basically says in the name(it is also called verbal bullying)  

Be SMART online, remember our e-safety messages

Be SMART on line!


The Rights Respecting group have been working hard exploring how to share the SMART message for keeping safe on line.

Together, they prepared and delivered a series of assemblies in January  and February to the whole school with their eye catching SMART posters.


Children watched video clips, asked questions and reminded children of the keep safe messages:-


Safe - keep safe on line

Meet - never meet anyone from the Internet 

Accepting- don't accept everything you are told, don't accept messages from unknown people

Reliable - don't believe everything you are told

Tell - a grown up if something isn't right! 


Some of our class charters (click to enlarge)

Rights of the Child

Front cover of Rights Respecting leaflet

Inside of Rights Respecting leaflet

Please download and read our Parents' Guide below, designed by some of our Rights Respecting Ambassadors.

We aim to incorporate elements of teaching and learning about rights and responsibilities (fundamentally British Values) into our topic work. We believe it is essential that our children grow up to become responsible global citizens and have an awareness of the needs of others as well as their own. Examples of such are:

  •  Learning about child labour through a Victorians Topic
  •  The importance of safe drinking water in the India Topic
  •  Fair-Trade and conservation in Brazil (Rainforest Topic)
  •  Eco-tourism in the Rwanda Topic
  •  Inter-cultural understanding