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Home Learning Week Beginning 19th July 2021

It's exciting learning at home!

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Autumn Adventures

The children in Reception class have all settled well into the new routines of the school day.  Lots of new friends have been made and lots of new learning has gone on as well.  They have been learning phonics in many different ways and are beginning to blend sounds together in order to read.  Learning to work together is easy when you have fun things to do like creating a marble run or playing in the role play area.  In our outside classroom there is plenty of space to be a little more physical and build obstacle courses and explore and investigate the exciting resources we are lucky to have.

Shrimps 2020-2021

Last week we welcomed our new Shrimps to Swanage Primary School. They had great fun at their 'stay and play session'. Pete the Cat and Sam Shrimp helped all of the children to explore their classroom and outdoor area. We all enjoyed building marble runs, train tracks and eating 'pizza'. There was lots of giggling and smiling! 

Next week the children will be staying for longer in their small groups and we will be having even more fun. They will be staying long enough to try out the 'Self-Service Snack Cafe' and explore some more of the outdoor areas at school.

Our class story - Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes.

Week 9 home school learning project

This weeks home learning project is based on the story of 'What the ladybird heard'.  You can hear me reading the story on class dojo.  You can also find the story on you tube.  

I've had fun telling stories to Shrimp class over the last few weeks and this week we are doing our learning based around the story 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson.  I hope you enjoy all the activities.

Week 7 home school learning suggestions

We're into week 7 of home learning and I hope you'll find this weeks learning as fun as the ones you have already completed.  As always these are just suggested activities for you.  I love seeing all the work you are doing so please keep sending me photos and all the exciting things you get up this week.  If you didn't get around to contacting me last week, I look forward to hearing from you soon.  have a fun week staying safe.

Suggested activities

Week 5 home learning pack

Suggested activities

Week 4 home learning

Week 3 Home learning

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and been able to enjoy the sunshine in your daily exercise. It's back to work this week but I've tried to make it as fun as possible. You have all done amazingly well over the past few weeks and most of you seem to have a good routine going. If there is anything you would like guidance on please ask, likewise if you would like anything for the children to do specifically please ask. The main thing I would like to say is, if your child writes anything please encourage them to try themselves using the sound knowledge they have. You can then translate and write what they have written if you feel it necessary, although Mrs Croucher and I are fairly good at deciphering now!


Week 2 Home learning

It has been a strange week for me not being at school everyday to teach Shrimp children but at the same time I have loved seeing all the learning that has been going on at home via class dojo and Tapestry.  Thank you everyone.

Below you will find suggested activities for week 2.  As always these are only suggestions as to what you might like to do and there is no expectation.  If you do complete any please as always let me know.  Have fun everyone.



Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Phase 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky words/sight words featured me, be, was, you, my, all, are, they, was. Tricky words These are tricky,...

Week 1 of school closure


Well Shrimp class has been at home for a week now and I have loved seeing all the things they have been getting up to with mummy or daddy being their teacher.  They have been painting, keeping up to date with their phonics, paying for the snacks they have listening to stories and even going to Chester zoo.  They were lucky enough to see a video of a chick being born that had been in the incubator in the classroom too.  Here's to some more good learning next week.

The first born

Still image for this video

Welcome to Spring Term 2020

We hope you have all had a very good Christmas and New Year.  The children have been in school a whole term now and are hopefully ready for the next term of learning and having fun discovering new things.  This half term we will be learning through some of our favourite Traditional Tales.  

Please find below an overview of what your children will be learning.  As always this may change a little depending on the children's interests.


Sam Shrimp and Pete the cat are also looking forward to the new term and visiting some of your houses. We love hearing about what they have got up to when they come to stay.


Pete the cat might be coming home with you soon!

Autumn Term 2019


Shrimps have been in school for half a term now and are really getting used to the routines of school now.  Lots of new friends have been made and new games have been learnt.  Thank you to everyone who has made the children's first few weeks in school a success.


Spring 1 2018 Highlights


This half term our topic has been Once Upon A Time.  The  children have had great fun learning through some of their favourite stories. They had to follow instructions on how to make honey sandwiches after hearing the story of Goldilocks and then had to try their skills at observational drawings of Mrs Hill's favourite bear John, who visited the classroom especially.  The story of the Gingerbread man started the children thinking different ways of crossing the river.  Some children thought a boat a good idea and made one from tin foil.  It wasn't as easy as it looked and apart from getting it to float they had to see how many compare bears it would hold.


To celebrate Chinese New Year we were very lucky to be involved in a very special workshop.  As well as learning a little bit of Chinese, the children took part in ribbon dancing, making music, learning a dragon dance and generally having a fun time.


Mystery readers have started early this year and the children love the surprise of seeing who has come to tell a story.



May saw the Mystery readers continue to visit.  The children loved trying to guess who the Mystery reader was going to be by clues given to them.  They really loved hearing a dragon story especially when a real live dragon came to visit too.

We had great fun this month learning through our topic of 'Down at the bottom of the garden'.  It meant we could get our hands dirty and enjoy planting and hunting for mini beasts. 

This half term the children will be looking at different places around the world and comparing them with where they live.  We are looking forward to talking about all the places we have visited with our families either in this country or abroad and displaying this in the classroom.  We will be talking about all the different occupations people do in the world and having great fun acting these out in role play.  

New Year, New Term

We hope everyone had a lovely break and welcome all the children and parents to the Spring Term in Reception Class.  This Term we will be learning through our topic of 'Once Upon a Time', a favourite for both the adults and the children in the class.   


The first week back has seen us retelling the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears through 'Talk for Writing'.  The children loved learning all the actions that help us remember the story.  We have also been learning about story mapping and this coming week sees the children trying to write their own story map of the Goldilocks story.  Making honey sandwiches and learning how to halve them is on the agenda to.  Come back to our page soon to see how we get on.


Trying to think of motivating ideas to get the children to write and be more confident when talking and explaining, is always a challenge.  This has led me to introducing a new morning challenge based around identifying the odd one out.  I must say the first week has proved very successful and the children have enjoyed trying to work out which picture is the odd one from a choice of three. They have been writing down their choice and then verbally explaining why they chose a particular one.


We have also been exploring porridge, making stick puppets to help us retell the story with our friends, and acting out the story in small groups during PE.  All this and it's only the first week back!

What a great start to the new year we have had.  The children all seem very settled in their new learning environment and are becoming used to the rules and expectations of the classroom.  We have all had fun getting to know each other while accessing some exciting activities.  It has been lovely to see the children exploring and becoming familiar with all the lovely resources we have inside and outside.  

Welcome to Reception Autumn 2016 - Shrimp Class!


A very warm welcome to all the new families and some old ones as well joining Shrimp Class, where the children will begin their journey through school.  During the year the children's exciting activities and their fantastic learning will be celebrated here on our class web page.  You will find lots of information and photos to ensure you will not feel left out of your child's time in Reception Class.


Getting to know each other

The first few weeks of the Autumn term are spent assessing the children and getting to know each other. Wherever possible this is achieved through playing with and working alongside the children. Playing games and encouraging the children explore their new environment enables them to become familiar with all the lovely exciting resources.  There will be opportunities to talk about themselves and their interests outside school, showing photos and things that are important to them to friends in class.

We will begin to think about behaviour in school and how to look after the lovely things we have in our classroom.  To help the children develop some independence the children will be given little responsibilities like taking the register to the office and helping with the milk and fruit.  We will also decide on some Golden Rules for the classroom alongside our Class Charter which we all sign to say we agree with.


However insignificant you might think your question is, we're always available to talk to, so please don't hesitate to ask.


Below you will find more detail of the things we will be covering over the first half term.  


We had a lovely day out on Tuesday to Leeson House. We had fun minibeast hunting and pond dipping. Some of us caught newts. We walked through the trees using our sky eyes (a mirror was held under our noses so we could look in the mirror without getting a stiff neck). We used our senses by making smelly cocktails and finding different textures as we walked through the woods. 

Down at the Bottom of the Garden


For the first half of this term the children will be going ‘Down to the Bottom of the Garden’ to see what they can discover.  As we all know, we learn best if we are doing something we enjoy, so the children will be exploring seeds, flowers and minibeasts over the next few weeks.  As you can see from the overview we will be doing some exciting learning.

We will also be launching ‘Tapestry’ the online learning journey for parents to access in order to see what their children have been up to.

Down at the Bottom of the Garden

This half term has been all about 'Once Upon A Time'.  We have had great fun in the role play areas and had lots of experiences cooking.  We've solved problems, especially when dividing and sharing the sandwiches and pizzas we've made!  We've had lots of opportunities to practise writing and mark making as you will see in the photos.  We've had to write lists in the building site to know what supplies and materials we have needed  and lots of signs to worn of any dangers.  We've worked together to make story maps, bridges and houses.  We have also celebrated Shrove Tuesday and Chinese New Year.  I think it is fair to say the children have had great fun and lots of learning opportunities this half term.

Welcome to Reception - Shrimp's Class!


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First few days in school

During the first half of the Autumn Term our topic will be 'Whatever Next', Taken from the book by Jill Murphy. This will enable us to cover lots of the children's interests as we are just beginning to get to know them.