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Reading (and spelling) is one of the most important homework activities that you can do.  Aim to read aloud at least 4 times a week to an adult and then get them to sign your diary to prove it. Even if you are a confident reader, reading aloud to an adult gives you valuable experience with discussing what you have read - and making sure you have understood it. It is especially important to talk about words you don't understand to increase your vocabulary.



Every other Friday you will receive spellings to learn. You have 2 weeks to learn them. You will also be given a worksheet to help you practise them. You may find these spellings quite tricky. This is why you have 2 weeks to learn them. Keep practising for the whole 2 weeks, in as many ways as you can! At the bottom of this page, you will find the list of Y1/2 common exception words and Y3/4 statutory spellings. These are the words you should be aiming to be able to spell before the end of year 4, as well as the other spelling rules we frequently learn in class. 


Online Homework

For home, you should have logins for IXL, Lexia, and Xtra Math. Although we don't often set this as official homework, the more you do at home, the better!

IXL - Maths and English. You have a chance to do IXL in class at least once a week, but please have a go at home too! The top 5 children who have answered the most questions on IXL get  a green dojo.

Xtra Math - You should be aiming to do this every day as it only takes a few minutes. We try to give you time to do it in class but this is not always possible. If you haven't done it in class today, why not log in at home and spend a few minutes on it? You get a green dojo for every weekend day you complete your Xtra maths. When you complete each part you receive a certificate.

Lexia core 5 - This spelling and reading programme is excellent at helping you learn to read, spell and understand grammar. spend 10-20 minutes each time you go on and you will be completing levels in no time! I love giving out certificates for Lexia as it shows you are making good progress and trying really hard to succeed.


Literacy and Numeracy

Each week you're given a small piece of Literacy or Numeracy homework.  This is to recap on learning that has been covered in class.  It shouldn’t take you many minutes.  If at any time the work is too tricky, simply bring it into school and have a chat with an adult.  It’s not a problem!