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Eco Rangers

Hi there, we are the Eco-Team!

We have been selected by our class mates to try to ensure that Swanage Primary is an Eco-Friendly school.


We have been meeting regularly to conduct a review of the things we are doing well and to assess the areas that we need to improve on. One area that we noticed to be a problem is litter. We were extremely disappointed by the amount of litter around our school grounds! Not only does it look horrible, it is also bad for the environment.


Take a look at these pictures from our  litter pick to see how bad it was!

We would also like to remind everyone to please ensure they are disposing of their litter correctly! There are plenty of bins around the school grounds so please make sure you are using them.

Also, if you notice litter on the floor - please pick it up!


We will be conducting another litter pick each term and hope to see a huge reduction in waste

around the school grounds!


Thank you!

Wildlife Garden


In the Autumn term we received a grant from Dorset Gardening Trust to help us make improvements to our school grounds. We are very lucky at Swanage Primary to have such lovely gardens but we feel that there are areas that could be improved to encourage wildlife into our grounds. In addition, we hope that making these improvements will make the areas more useable for our learning.

Our focus first of all is going to be the wildlife garden and we have been busy making plans for this area. This term we will be clearing and planting in the flower bed and creating and installing homes for the wildlife we hope will come. During the autumn term our work will continue with the planting of a wild meadow.

Last week, we got together to start clearing the flower bed. It was quite a big job but we have already made lots of progress. Hopefully, we will be starting the planting within the next two weeks.