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Class Dojo

Thank you to all of our Year 3 parents who have signed up to our Class Dojo. It is an excellent way of sharing information about what we have been doing in class each week and as a means of communication with you all on an individual basis. We hope that you also find it useful to keep track of your child's learning attitudes and behaviours. It is wonderful to see that across Key Stage Two we are having so many interactions with parents through Dojo: we know how difficult it is to speak to working parents face-to-face each week. If you have not yet been able to connect with us on Dojo, please speak to Miss Rowe or Mrs Webster as we are keen to get everyone on board.


Contacting us vis Class Dojo

We love to hear from you through Dojo, however if you are contacting us about a child's absence or appointments, this must go through the office. Please either use parent mail, ring up or pop into the office to see Mrs Dominy. Also, as Mrs Webster and Miss Rowe are in school on different days, it is best to contact both of us (and Mrs White) if you require a swift reply or it is about something important for that day. Alternatively, a message sent to the office will always reach the person teaching that day.


Dojo and Golden time

Children pick up lots of green Dojo points all week for lots of positive things, such as extra effort, exemplary behaviour and following our 'Friendly 4' (Be Kind, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful). A child may also pick up red points when not following our 'Friendly 4',  usually following a warning. If, at the end of the week the child has achieved a fantastic 90% of green points, they have earned their entire golden time reward. 5 minutes of golden time is subtracted for each subsequent 5% lower. So for instance, if a child's dojo score for that week is 85%, they will miss 5 minutes golden time and will reflect on how they might achieve all their golden time the following week. (See behaviour policy for further information)