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Covid 19 - main messages for parents/carers from Govt advice - Sept 21

Covid 19 Risk Assessment - September 2021

On this page, I will share all of the key documents that you might want to refer back to that have simply got 'lost' on Dojo. I hope this helps.

Home learning lockdown plan - January 2021

Letter to parents/carers - January 2021

Covid catch up action plan 2020-21

Welcoming All children back to school - September 2020

Pupil well being pack



As a school we are aware that for many of you, your circumstances are changing all of the time. If you feel you now eligible for 'Free School Meals', please read the following information from this link:
You can also apply online via this link as well and in many cases you get an almost immediate reply. A reply also gets sent to the school office too. When I receive this mail, I will get in touch with you privately and asap to discuss what this means for you as a family.
Can I reiterate that this is different to the meals that ALL children in YR, Y1 and Y2 receive each day, as this is known as 'Universal Infant free school meals'. However, children in YR, Y1 and Y2 may still be eligible. Please read the link to find out more.
Thank you

Letter to parents/carers 4.6.20

Key points for parents/carers – June 1st school expanded reopening

Letter to parents and carers re potential wider reopening June 2020

Letter regarding school reopening YR/Y1/Y6 11.5.20

Follow up to PMs announcement 11.5.20

Newsletter 8 May 2020

Home learning update May 2020

Visual timetables

Speech and language update

Internet safety

In school, we aim to recap the basics of online safety across all classes at the start of each term. Since children may be spending more time online at the moment, it might be a good idea to check that your child knows how to stay safe online and what to do if they see something that worries them. Below are some resources you might find helpful for this:

Good SMART videos and related activities for all ages:

Good stories for KS1 children to read and discuss with a parent:

KS2 children love the Band Runner game and related film clips:
Band Runner game