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Computing at Swanage Primary School


The 2014 National Curriculum introduced the new subject of Computing to schools, replacing what was formerly known as ICT (Information Communication Technology). Computing focuses on how computers work with an emphasis on how they are designed and programmed. It incorporates techniques and methods for solving problems and enhancing understanding, both with and without a computer. The curriculum distinguishes three aspects of Computing: Computer Science, Digital Literacy and Information Technology.


At Swanage Primary School, Computing is taught as a discrete subject, set under an overarching theme to give the learning a real-life context. Children use a range of software and websites in their learning, including Scratch, Scratch Junior, Kodu, Dazzle, Charlie Chimp etc.


In addition to this, ICT is used across the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning. This includes access to online learning sites and games such as IXL, Big Club, XtraMath, BBC History sites etc.


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