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Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greek Art - design a pot

Look at the first slide of the Odyssey PowerPoint before you listen to the story about the Battle of Troy. You could join in with the songs on BBC Schools radio and watch the animations that tell each part of the Trojan Horse story too. Next, complete a reading comprehension.

When you have done that, watch the film about The Adventures of Odysseus and listen to the Cyclops story from BBC schools radio. Your task is to make a little book to teach younger children about The Odyssey. Use the pictures and information below to help you.  

Greek mythical monsters

Athens Versus Sparta
This week we would like you to find out all about the city states of Athens and Sparta and to compare them. There are two PowerPoints to help you and also a video you can watch. Your task is to decide which state you would prefer to live in and to explain why. Then you will write a comparison of the Athens and Sparta. You can use the worksheet provided or make up your own guide. 
The Battle of Marathon 
Find out about the Battle of Marathon and its link to the Olympic Games. Watch the videos in the links below and read the information on the PowerPoint and on the BBC Bitesize web page. It would be a good idea to make some notes from these. There are two worksheets for you to do. The first one requires you to put the events of the story in order and the second task is to write a letter to Sparta from General Miltiades. The worksheets have three levels. I think most of you can do 2 or  3 star ones. 

This topic we had planned for the Summer Term in school is 'Island Life'. The history element to this is Ancient Greece.

Espresso has information and activities to help you to find out a bit more about life in Greece nearly 3000 years ago. Just click on the link below and log in. If that doesn't work go to and search for Greeks then click on the 'module'

Username: student10887

Password: swanage

Ancient Greece Presentation


Write an information booklet or create a presentation all about Ancient Greece. It can be handwritten, PowerPoint or even some video or an animation you've made... you choose. Use the links and documents we have given you above and your own research to find out interesting information. You could include the geography, the people and how they lived, the Olympics, famous people, how they were ruled, what they believed... you choose what part of Ancient Greek history interests you.


Use your knowledge about the features of information texts to ensure quality writing. We would like it to be illustrated well too.

See the links and documents below for help with how to write an excellent information text.


If you decide to type up your information in a PowerPoint or Word document, remember to ask our parents to email it to us.


Below are some examples of non-chronological reports. Have a look and see if they have included the features you would expect in non-fiction writing.

Can you find out this information and complete the worksheet?