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Year 6 - Swordfish

Welcome to Year 6!

Starry Night!

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Year 6 - if you have a spare minute - please practise our song for the KS2 Christmas carol concert. Thank you!

WW2 Inspired Artwork

In our Literacy lessons, we have been studying 'The Silver Donkey' by Sonya Hartnett which is set in WW1.The book contains lots of really fascinating ink paintings. We explored some of these images by looking at them carefully and then discussing specific questions related to them.


After this we were allowed time to explore the 'ink' technique. Mrs Samways said we could use any colour we liked to do our paintings... as long as it was black!


Once we had discovered how to make different tones by mixing the paint with varying amounts of water, we linked our artwork to our current topic. We did this by studying and discussing black and white photographs taken in WW2 and then using them as inspiration for our own 'ink' paintings. 


The results are FANTASTIC!

Kindness Week: 12th - 16th November 2018

Kindness Week: 12th - 16th November 2018 1
This week, we have had a 'Kindness Week' at Swanage Primary. In Swordfish class, we read the book 'Have you Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud. We found out about 'bucket fillers' and 'bucket dippers'. This inspired us to turn heavy stones that we had collected into positive pebbles by writing messages on them. If we feel upset or anxious (because our bucket is empty) we can read a positive message which will help us start to re-fill! 

Talented Musicians

Talented Musicians 1
Swordfish class is FULL of talented musicians. A couple of our flautists volunteered to show off their skills and to play for the whole school AND parents during 'Star Assembly'. They were so inspiring that more musicians in our class have volunteered to play in the coming weeks. Wow!

Tennis Coaching

This half term, Year 6 are having a whole hour of tennis coaching every week. We are learning lots of new skills from the coaches who have commented how talented Swordfish Class are! 

Sport's Ambassador Training at the Purbeck School

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 visited the Purbeck School to participate in Sport's Ambassador training. They learnt lots of new skills and games which can now be transferred back here to Swanage Primary. All of those who attended were brilliantly behaved and a credit to the school!  

Bovington Tank Museum

To round up our work on WW1 and kickstart our WW2 learning, Years 5 and 6 visited Bovington Tank Museum. We all had an amazing time - who knew tanks could be so interesting? The workshops that we participated in really brought our topic to life and the staff were fantastic!

Taking Learning Outside!

Taking Learning Outside! 1
Taking Learning Outside! 2
Taking Learning Outside! 3
Taking Learning Outside! 4
Swordfish class love taking advantage of our beautiful school grounds whenever we can. In this case, we investigated the gardens for our science work. We discovered lots of flowering and non-flowering plants and completed detailed observational drawings of our findings!

100% Positive Dojo Award!

100% Positive Dojo Award!  1
Children in Swordfish Class who have achieved 100% positive Dojos this half term were rewarded with a certificate and a 'Dojo' keyring each. 

Dojo Treat for Great Behaviour - Autumn First Half Term

Author Visit- Vicki Johnson

Author of the book, 'Wolf Jacket' visited us in class. Year 6 were spellbound by her and hung onto her every word. Lots of us can't wait to read on and find out what happens next. Vicki also asked us for ideas to help with her new book so we are going to get our thinking caps on. She said that, if we give her our opinions and ideas,  she will credit Swanage Primary in her next book. Wow!

100 Years Remembrance Display - The Finished Piece!

100 Years Remembrance Display - The Finished Piece! 1

This explanation was displayed alongside our finished artwork at the exhibition which was held in the Emmanuel Baptist Church, Swanage: 


Year 6 have been learning about the importance of Remembrance. They had lots of ideas for how to create a display to celebrate the special 2018 ‘100 Year’ Anniversary. We combined these ideas and worked in a collaborative way. This is the meaning behind our artwork:


· There are 99 poppies to represent each of the 99 local soldiers who died in the Great War.

· Each poppy is unique – just like the soldier it belongs to.

· The soldier is a ‘silhouette’ so that he represents everybody and nobody at the same time.

· He stands on a bridge to signify his journey from the horrors of war to a better place.

· The three birds are indicative of the freedom being fought for.

· Within the words, ‘Lest we Forget’ are the initials of the 99 soldiers whom we remember.

100 Years - Remembrance Display

We have been asked by Swanage Town Council to participate in the special '100 Years' Remembrance events that are happening this year. Swordfish class have designed a display for this which is currently in progress. Watch this space for photos of the finished work!

Visit to Swanage Library

Year 6 visited Swanage Library. We learnt all about the Dewey Decimal system and played Dewey bingo. Then we did some research for our WW1/WW2 topic...there were so many books to look at and choose from 😀🌟📚! As Mrs Dunesby and Mrs Samways each have a 'Teacher's Library Card', we were allowed to borrow lots of the books and bring them back to school so that we could continue our research back in the classroom. What a great morning!

World's Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan!

Swordfish Class hosted a coffee morning for 'Macmillan' on Friday 28th September. We were overwhelmed by, not only the amount of cake that was donated, but also the number of people who turned up! We invited parents and carers into the hall to start with and then allowed every child in the school an opportunity to come and get a cake. The donations made were astonishing - in total we raised: £377.60. Wow! 🍰☕️

Our Harvest Song!

Year 6, please use this audio (alongside the words) to help you practise our class Harvest song - 'Vera'.

Asht zwerthun fusha e nder-grunore
Po vloyn kortsat por si zoj,
Kendoyne katundaret me malsore
Pa kuyta se dyeli i doj.
Vech ne at are por si i tretun
Zi nder petka, ter nder ftoor,
Po kor nyi tsutse shoche tvetun.
Me hee twete che mbrapa mer
Tash tyera vera vet e treta
korsh moy biye me motra shend.
Si vet un vetun too kor te jeta
Pa nyi moter pa gazmend.

The fields of grain to gold are turning,
Like the birds the farmers sing,
Come high, come low, tho’ the sun is burning,
Hurry with your harvesting.
Their faces blacken but the reapers,
Toil until their labours end,
But one young girl works alone and lonely,
Only her shadow for a friend.
The summers pass and the same girl, older,
Smiling where her tears once were,
A little sister at each shoulder,
No more loneliness for her.

Vera - Performance Track

This is the version of our Harvest song with the children singing too. You might prefer to practise with this version until you get used to the tune.

A few photos of our new classroom.

A few photos of our new classroom. 1
A few photos of our new classroom. 2
A few photos of our new classroom. 3

Our topic this term is 'Friend or Foe'.

Our topic this term is 'Friend or Foe'. 1
We visited the War Memorial to read the information on the plaques and take photographs which will help us to generate some research questions so that we can establish some important research themes to investigate.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Developing our Growth Mindset.

During our first few days in Year 6 we worked together to develop our growth mindsets.


We began by watching a video about Austin's Butterfly. We thought really hard about what the video can teach us about continuing to develop our own growth mindsets.  We also compared fixed and growth mindsets. Which is the most useful to help us all be successful learners?

Austin's Butterfly

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Year 6 Home Learning

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Maths Guides

Here are guides to help you with your maths.