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Year 3 - Seadragons

Welcome to Year 3 - Seadragon Class!


Summer Term: Invaders and Settlers


Our Summer Term Topic is Invaders and Settlers - The Anglo Saxons. We will be learning about the history, looking a the art and reading myths and legends from this time in British history.


In Literacy we will be reading Michael Morpurgo's retelling of the epic poem Beowulf. Inspired by the hero's adventures, we will write our own Beowulf story. Following on from this we will learn about Alfred the Great and create our own newspaper reports. Finally, we will read some exciting tales about the legend of King Arthur and his Knights. We plan to use these stories to inspire poetry, story writing and more. Alongside our text based literacy, we will be continuing to learn our grammar and spelling rules.


In Art we will be researching, designing and making brooches inspired by Anglo Saxon jewelry this half term. We will also look at the beautiful designs of the Illuminated Letters and will create our own designs for our initials.


In DT we will be baking sour dough and honey shortbread; recipes which would have been popular in Anglo Saxon times.


During Geography and History time, we will be looking at where the Anglo Saxons came from, why they invaded and where they settled. We will be learning about their daily lives and also looking into how we know about history. We will learn about Sutton Hoo ship burial and become detectives when looking at some mystery items found during the excavation.


In Maths this term, we will be continuing to practise our calculation strategies and apply this to problem solving. We will recap our fraction learning and keep practising our times table and division facts. We will be learning more about shape and space, with focus on angles, lines and 3D shapes. We will also keep busy learning about measurement, including time.


Science this half term will be all about Food and Our Bodies. We will learn about different food categories and the special jobs they do for our bodies. We will find out about healthy eating and exercise and why these are both so important for our health. Next half term our topic is Living Things, when we will learn about all sorts of animals and plants. We will make branching databases, classify omnivores, carnivores and herbivores, and much more.


In Computing we will be using Scratch for coding. We will also be using a variety of programs on the laptops and iPads for word processing and educational games.


During RE we will be learning about what the Anglo Saxons believed in. We will learn about some of the beliefs of pagans,  and their festivals. We will find out how Britain became a Christian country and the pagan origins of some Christian festivals.






Our first day in Year 3!

Our first day in Year 3! 1