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Year 1 - Dolphins

Jam sandwiches!


We have been learning to follow and write instructions. We had a go at ordering instructions for making a jam sandwich, and of course, we had to check they worked! 

Sandwich making...

Sandwich making... 1
Sandwich making... 2
Sandwich making... 3
Sandwich making... 4
Sandwich making... 5
Sandwich making... 6
Sandwich making... 7
Sandwich making... 8
Sandwich making... 9
Sandwich making... 10
Sandwich making... 11
Sandwich making... 12

... and sandwich eating!

... and sandwich eating! 1
... and sandwich eating! 2
... and sandwich eating! 3
... and sandwich eating! 4
... and sandwich eating! 5
... and sandwich eating! 6
... and sandwich eating! 7
... and sandwich eating! 8
... and sandwich eating! 9
... and sandwich eating! 10
... and sandwich eating! 11

Red Nose Day Hunt!


We had a lot of fun on red nose day hunting for red noses in the school gardens. We found loads and then worked together to decide on what to make out of them - Rosie suggested a dolphin with a red nose so here is our attempt!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Tiger tiger!

Year 1 are very excited to be learning all about India in our new topic! We have come up with a long list of questions of things we would like to find out - from elephants to clothes to food to dance... we have a busy half term ahead of us!


Our half term plan is below so that you can see what we will be learning about...

Tiger tiger half term plan

A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class

A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 1 Exploring light
A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 2 Exploring light
A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 3 Learning about fire safety
A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 4 Shape hunting!
A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 5 Shape hunting!
A snapshot of life in Dolphin Class 6 Shape hunting!

Harvest festival - a few snaps!

Harvest festival - a few snaps! 1
Harvest festival - a few snaps! 2
Harvest festival - a few snaps! 3

Our first half term in Dolphin Class!

Wow - what a busy half term we have had! The children really embraced the Great Fire of London topic and have been amazing me with all of the facts they have found out. Have a look at the photos below to see some of what we have been getting up to: making Tudor houses, learning about London, making bread, retelling the Owl Babies story and keeping busy in Explore time!

Our half term

Our half term 1
Our half term 2
Our half term 3
Our half term 4
Our half term 5
Our half term 6
Our half term 7
Our half term 8
Our half term 9
Our half term 10
Our half term 11
Our half term 12
Our half term 13
Our half term 14
Our half term 15
Our half term 16
Our half term 17

Welcome to Dolphin Class!


We have had a lovely start to the term getting to know each other and routines in year 1. We are now learning all about the Great Fire of London! Through our topic work we will be sequencing the events of the fire, learning about the differences between London in 1666 and today, and recreating Pudding Lane through some 3D art. In literacy we will be writing diary entries as eyewitnesses to the fire, and creating some Great Fire of London poetry. Our maths learning this term will focus on understanding number bonds, and addition and subtraction.



- Please can you make sure your child has a water bottle in school every day

- PE is on Wednesday afternoons - please ensure your child has the correct uniform in school for this

- Show and tell is on Fridays - there will be a note in the homelink as to which team's turn it is


If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to pop in and talk to me.

Many thanks

Miss Ewan

Dolphin Class

Dolphin Class 1

Dolphin Class Charter


In class we discussed how to behave in order for us all to be safe and happy in school. We came up with the following class charter which we are all trying our hardest to follow.


We have the right to play with our friends...

... and the responsibility to use kind words and actions.


We have the right to a nice classroom...

... and the responsibility to look after the room and our equipment.


We have the right to learn lots of new things...

... and the responsibility to try our hardest in our learning.


We have the right to share our ideas...

... and the responsibility to listen to others.


We have the right to be safe in school...

... and the responsibility to be sensible and thoughtful of others.