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Nifty Knitters and Cross Stitch

After School Club 
Cross Stitch It and Nifty Knitters 
The crafty Monday clubs will run for ten sessions in the Autumn/Spring term from 3.20pm -4.20pm in Year 3. The dates for the club are:  6/13/20/27th November,  4th December and 8/15/22/29th January.   We will bring the children to the main car park gate when the session finishes.   The club will cost £10, payable in advance. If you can pay using ParentMail, we would be grateful. If not, cheques made payable to Swanage Primary School.  Materials will be provided. 
Cross Stitch It
This club welcomes 8 children from Years 2 to 6 of all abilities. Children will be making coasters, or similar, with Binke and embroidery silks/yarn. 
Nifty Knitters
Another crafty club that welcomes children from Years 3 to 6. Because of the level of tuition needed, we can only take 6 absolute beginners. However, children who are fairly confident basic knitters are also welcome, and they will learn new stitches and techniques. 

Bookings will be drawn from a hat if oversubscribed  and we will run a waiting list.

We are asking for parent volunteers to help us run this club so if you have DBS clearance here at school, you would be very welcome to join us.

Finally, we would be very pleased to receive any donations of knitting needles and crochet hooks (4mm), double knit wool or embroidery silks/yarn - so please dig deep into those knitting bags for any odds and ends.
Yours sincerely 
Mrs C Lowe Mrs Gallagher Mrs Scott

Autumn 2017 We have had lots of fun this term and we are looking forward to lots more.

Autumn 2017                   We have had lots of fun this term and  we are looking forward to lots more. 1
Thank you to all those who have helped the children learn new skills wether it be knitting, cross stitch or other crafty activities. Everyone has enjoyed themselves  and learnt a lot. We hope to meet up again for more crafty fun in November 2017. 

We have had a very enjoyable and productive time sewing, knitting and making crafty items throughout the year.  Hope you enjoy the photos from 2016/17. 


Sharing our achievements with the school during assembly.

Sharing our achievements with the school during assembly. 1


2016/17 1
2016/17 2
2016/17 3

Spring 2017

Spring 2017  1

November 2016 -

November 2016 - 1
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