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Equipment Monitors



Following a meeting with the House Captains and our Headteacher, pupils decided that an area that needed improving in school was the playtime equipment. They recognised that FOSP had invested time and money in equipping our school with playtime resources that were now being spoilt by poor storage and lack of care from children.


They agreed the following actions:

  • Sort the equipment
  • Identify the gaps in resources
  • Liaise with the PE leader Mr Lea, to agree what resources needed to be replenished
  • Order new equipment
  • Create improved storage systems
  • Label new storage
  • Create a better system for putting equipment away at the end of play - where 'many hands make light work'.
  • Model to other children, what is expected about tidying away
  • Monitor the new system


Thank you equipment monitors - we couldn't do it with out you! You show great dedication and teamwork skills that are helping to ensure our school is a super, fun place to be!